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Author: William Shakespeare

Package Dimensions: 8x203x159

Number Of Pages: 160

Release Date: 01-09-2013


Considered as the most powerful and moving of Shakespeare’s great tragedies, Othello traces the fall of a proud, dignified, but irresolute and vindictive person Othello, who is a mere victim of Iago.

The plot is simple – love turning sour by unfounded jealousy. Iago convinces Othello of the infidelity of his young and beautiful wife, Desdimona. The enraged Othello kills her, only to find later the truth, and finally kills his own self as a punishment.

Set throughout in a domestic atmosphere, the play highlights the hairline gap that always exists between reality and appearance. On its way, it drives home themes such as trust, honesty, reputation and patriarchy.


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