Kitten the Dog

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Author: Priyanka Talreja Garegrat

Brand: Penguin Random House

Package Dimensions: 12x194x40

Number Of Pages: 144

Release Date: 08-03-2017

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This is the story of a chihuahua that, well, couldn’t meow
Little Margi had always wanted a cat for a pet. And when her father brings home a cat-like dog instead, she takes it upon herself to make the best cat out of him. So Kitten is made to receive daily lessons on how to be a good feline and, although this confuses him, he tries his dogged best.
But one day, recalling all the things his mother had taught him young, a desperate Kitten runs away in pursuit of loftier—and canine—adventures.
On an excursion by turns thrilling and perilous, who knows where Kitten might land up next? Shipped off to a new home, reunited with a heartbroken Margi, stranded in a dog-eat-dog world or on to braving the next big adventure—all bets are off!

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About the Author

Priyanka Talreja Garegrat is a children’s media enthusiast dedicated to building quality content for kids.


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