The Goofies and the Alien

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Author: Amishi Seth

Brand: Penguin Random House

Package Dimensions: 14x194x160

Number Of Pages: 184

Release Date: 14-10-2015

Details: Product Description

Meet the Goofies, who are always in a tearing hurry for everything, and find themselves in all sorts of trouble because of it. Now they face their biggest challenge of all—a vacation! The Goofies end up aboard Borg 1, a supposed cruise to Africa, unaware that the vessel is actually a pirate ship on its way to carry out a great diamond robbery!
To add to the madness, Mr Alien, who is convinced that humans have an unhealthy appetite for aliens, is sent to Earth to discover more secrets about the human race—only to get mixed up in the already mixed-up affairs of the blundering Goofies.
Read about the escapades of a paranoid alien, a bunch of bumbling diamond thieves and a weird family in this rib-tickling, roll-on-the-floor, laugh-out-loud adventure of a book!

About the Author

Amishi Seth has been writing for children for almost a decade as an author, playwright and screenplay writer with over 50 successful projects to her credit, including published stories, plays, animation shows and movies. This is her first full-length novel for children.


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